PCHI is working to increase access to reproductive health services in order to improve the health and well-being of Illinoisans. By reducing barriers and expanding access to care, our work will reduce by 50% unmet contraceptive needs in Illinois by 2023.


In Illinois, an estimated 500,000 people lack access to high-quality contraceptive care. There are tremendous disparities of access among communities statewide. Access is limited by a myriad of reasons, including immigration status, religiously affiliated employers and/or health systems, confidentiality concerns, poor cultural competence and awareness, and lack of health insurance. Women and transgender individuals need access to high-quality contraceptive care that is affordable, convenient, comprehensive, person-centered, trauma-informed, and free from bias. Without that access, Illinois will continue to see persistent disparities in reproductive and maternal health outcomes for young women, women with low incomes, BIPOC/ALAANA women, and LGBTQ people. The foundation seeks to reduce inequities in health and health care access by improving the quality of contraceptive care and expanding coverage for contraceptive services across the state.



AllianceChicago is serving as the incubator for Illinois Contraceptive Access Now (ICAN!) which seeks to advance reproductive health equity statewide by improving the quality and coverage of contraceptive care at community health centers.


Howard Brown’s Reproductive Health Department provides comprehensive contraceptive services across the agency’s clinical network. This includes an affirming sexual and reproductive health program, tailored to support the health needs of the LGBTQ+ population.