PCHI is working to expand health care access for Illinois families. By expanding access, our work will reduce the number of uninsured children in Illinois by 50 percent by 2023.


Health care access continues to be a challenge in many Illinois communities. While the enactment of the Affordable Care Act greatly expanded coverage, tens of thousands of families in the state remain without coverage and without easy access to health care. The Foundation seeks to reduce the number of uninsured and expand health care access in Illinois, particularly among Black and Latinx children who have lower rates of health care coverage than their white counterparts.



Through a partnership between the Chicago Public Schools and the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, a team of school and community navigators were hired to assist 21,000 uninsured children and 4,600 uninsured adults enroll in healthcare coverage.


The Urban Institute is providing a comprehensive overview of the current status of enrollment and participation in public benefit programs in Illinois and an initial analysis of the impact of the pandemic and other societal factors on participation rates.