Resources: Reproductive Health

This factsheet explains the benefits of Medicaid enrollment on children with regard to health and future success. Medicaid also brings more money into Illinois through federal matching programs, driving financial security. Although the benefits are important, Medicaid coverage is decreasing and will decrease in the future unless measures are taken to ensure children’s coverage. Factsheet

This report from the Georgetown Center on Children and Families details an unusual increase in the rate of uninsured children and corresponding combative strategies. At the end of 2018, 828,000 (2.2%) less children were enrolled in Medicaid than in the previous year. While it is possible that this is the result of moving into private … Continued

This report from the Bridgespan Group identifies high potential investments that would have the biggest impact on decreasing unintended pregnancies. These investments are increasing the supply and access to contraceptive counseling, creating educational campaigns about contraception, and increasing consumer research about effective contraceptive options. The report goes into these in detail. Report

An overview from EverThrive of the landscape of current policies and research pertinent to accessing contraception and communities’ need for it. This report details the results of studies of various communities and their needs for contraception and ability to access it. It then gives an overview of a comprehensive body of research related to professional … Continued

This white paper looks at ways that policymakers can use Medicaid and CHIP to create policies that promote health and success. These policies revolve around the health and wellbeing of parents, coverage for children, access to preventative treatment, and a focus on innovation in pediatric care. White Paper

Health care providers in Illinois face a range of barriers to offering the full scope of contraceptive options to a wide variety of patients. This report from EverThrive on behalf of the Contraceptive Justice Coalition serves as a landscape scan of current initiatives in reproductive healthcare. It outlines key issues regarding: contraceptive care and counseling; … Continued

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